Labyrinth for Hampstead Theatre

May 28, 2016

Hampstead Theatre have just launched their exciting new Autumn Season – 3 very different plays, all by fantastic writers. We were tasked with creating images for them all, and after reading the scripts we couldn’t wait to get started – it definitely makes for an enjoyable job when you have excellent source material!

The first, Labyrinth, is by award winning playwright Beth Steel. We worked on her first play, Wonderland, and thought it was brilliant – Labyrinth is her second and is just as clever, witty and thought-provoking.

1978, New York. John Anderson is barely out of college and has landed himself a job on Wall Street. His dreams of unimaginable wealth, travel and power are made a reality as he jets around the globe selling loans to developing countries eager to borrow. And there are plenty – Mexico, Brazil, Argentina…

We developed our ideas and pitched them to the writer and marketing team – and we quickly agreed on a concept. Something we felt communicated so much of the play and could be incredibly strong as an image –
Five smart bankers have their backs to us. One suddenly turns towards us revealing his face – a made up, macabre Day of the Dead mask. 

Here are some behind the scenes photos to give you an idea of how we created our final image:


Firstly we created a mood board of the look we wanted and discussed with a great make up artist who we have worked with many times, Paola Recabarren. She came in and tested various options on our very own Ian.

Once we had the make up decided, it was time to get the models in and in costume…


This was an image that relied so much on the performance from the models and, fuelled by pizza and a few beers, they were fantastic.

So good in fact, it was hard work choosing the strongest shot…


Eventually everyone agreed, and after some final artworking we had our image. We hope you like it!